Why use Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning?

We clean carpets to Australian Standards which includes a 5 step process. Be sure if you receive a cheaper quote or if you use another Carpet Cleaner that they are cleaning to this standard!

Are all stains removable?

No, not all stains are removable. At Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning we can remove ANY spot that is not a permanent stain. However, there are conditions where permanent staining is present.Sometimes to remove a stain we would cause more damage.

Why do some stains reappear after time?

Usually they are new stains. If a spot reappears a day or so after cleaning: it may have been oily or sticky and was not completely removed, or *wicked due to the nature of the spot, or possibly it’s not a spot, but a permanent stain.

* Wicking – the upward migration of moisture and soil on fibre surfaces during drying.

Depending on the fibre type Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning usually can help with this situation.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

A stain that stays on top of the pile of a carpet is classed as a spot – normally there is no charge on small jobs.

A stain that has penetrated into the carpet pile and also the backing of a carpet is classed as a stain.

Why can’t all stains be removed?

When Carpets are coloured they use an Acid Die and these types of stains are normally an Acid Die based liquid as well and penetrates into the fibre of the carpet. (Die to the carpet)

  • Examples
    • Coffee
    • Wine
    • Red cordial
    • Soft drinks
    • Urine

Because the Die penetrates the fibre there is no guarantee that the stain will be taken out. The quicker the stain is addressed the better the chance of taking it out. You need to explain to the customer the risk involved and what could happen.

How about a Carpet Protector?

A carpet protector and more importantly Express Protector is strongly recommended as it can prevent many permanent stains and will make future cleaning more effective. Please refer to our page on Express Protector.

How do I treat spills and stains?

Most importantly – don’t scrub at the area. Scoop up any solids that have been spilled. Then blot the area with an absorbent cloth/paper towel and press on the area. Repeat until most of the spill is absorbed. If this still does not remove the substance, you will need to have the area professionally steam cleaned.

Can you fix indentations from heavy furniture?

No guarantee can be made on removing indentations from heavy furniture. In addition to the pile of the carpet being crushed, the backing of the carpet is indented. Heat, moisture, and hand grooming with our equipment may help, but it will take time to release back to normal, if at all. Severe cases may be permanent.

Do you move furniture?

All of our cleaning services include moving the majority of furniture in the main living area

(NOTE: Most cleaning companies will charge you extra for this service. It is a FREE service with Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning!)

Please note that beds, dressers and heavier pieces are not moved and also for liability reasons, we do not move china cabinets, hutches, entertainment systems, pianos, or other valuable belongings.

What is the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a deeper clean, lifting out the deep down, ingrained grit and dirt. Dry cleaning is a surface clean. Steam cleaning sometimes also referred as ‘Hot Water Extraction’

What guarantee does Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning provide?

Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning has some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. We are so confident of our service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Also, should you happen to find a cheaper price – we will beat that price for you.

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