Flood Damage Homebush

Don’t hesitate to call Express Carpet Cleaning Homebush as soon as you experience water damage in your property.

With our experience, fast response and fully equipped professionals Express Carpet Cleaning Homebush have the capability to perform the best measures in restoring your flood damage repairs.

Did you know?

  •  We provide 24 hours / 7 days water and flood damage services.
  •  We respond ASAP to your call and at your property within 1 Hour.
  •  Our fully equipped professionals have the ability to pump water out of buildings, offices, high rises, units and houses.
  •  Our drying equipment has the power to dry out damaged carpets, furniture, rugs, mattresses and ceilings.
  •  We also have premium quality deodorisers and disinfectants that take care of the bacteria, fungi and mould that thrive in water damaged areas.
  •  It is highly recommended your water damaged carpet is immediately repaired otherwise dealing with hygiene, odour and mould could be a major problem.
  •  In case of an emergency (water damage) switch off all power points, and remove any electrical items  from wet carpets. Try to find the main water meter and switch it off to prevent more water damage.

Express Carpet Cleaning Homebush procedures for wet carpets are as follows:

  1. Attend premises and inspect water damage.
  2. Extract water using state of the art professional machinery.
  3. Apply browning treatment to carpet to prevent water stains.
  4. Relocate equipment or furniture as required.
  5. Pull back carpet to inspect damage of underneath carpet.
  6. Install drying equipment such as air blowers or dehumidifiers until the area is dry.
  7. Re-attend premises daily to check drying process.
  8. Relay carpet and underlay when dry.
  9. Steam clean and deodorise carpet on completion of restoration.