Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

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Even if your home is the cleanest home in the street your mattresses can contain dust mites as well as a range of bacteria and fungus. Just because you cannot see them their presence tends to be overlooked and they can easily build to potentially dangerous quantities.

Many skin allergies and respiratory illnesses such as asthma can be caused by these unseen allergens. Having the mattresses in your home regularly cleaned will ensure they are eradicated.

Our process includes:

  • Removing the dust mite, dead skin and dust mite excrement which have been proven to trigger allergic reactions.
  • We thoroughly clean your mattress, sanitise and deodorize your mattress eliminating the source of the odours.
  • Remaining stains or marks are treated and removed where possible.

Yellowing and general stains that have been set in the mattress fabric overtime are difficult to remove. At Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning we will attempt to remove the stains with our special techniques but we do not guarantee stain removal. Our treatment will clean and sanitize your mattress helping you sleep soundly.